Children and Social Media

June 5, 2017 - 9:40am -- kwhite

We are living in the age of technology and communication which has presented us with both wonderful opportunities and a real lack of privacy and oversite. As children get older they want to be on sites like Instagram, Snapchat and others. The Terms of Service agreements for these sites restrict the use of the applications to individuals over 13. Even after the age of 13 parents are legally responsible for any and all actions a minor student does on-line. In addition because these apps are cloud based, none of the information ever goes away. A hastily written text and/or picture could haunt a child for years to come. Take a minute and actually read the Terms of Service Agreement, we all tend to just click through. Most troubling is the fact that when you use these applications, the apps reserve the right to use, modify, edit, and sell any and all content
As summer approaches it’s a great time to have a discussion about peer pressure and how to keep Christian values while online. Monitor your child’s devices as closely as you would any person they have contact with. Students here at AnchorPoint Christian have been taught to not use their real names on-line, to think before they post, and to talk with parents and respected adults about anything they see online that is troubling. Working as a team, both in and out of school, we can provide our children positive Christian experiences!

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