January 6, 2017 - 1:50pm -- kwhite

During the month of December AnchorPoint students at all grade levels experimented with computer programming or writing in "Code". A wonderful site they used was - a great learning site for those cold days when they stayed inside at recess. We ended the year with our Makerspace Day which the students loved! See previous post for pics and more info.
Students will begin a Computer Assisted Design unit in January. Older students will be using Google Sketch-Up, TinkerCad and 3D Tim to create 3D objects. We are going to be getting our 3D printer going as well so look forward to seeing some models come home! Younger students will be using Brick building and Lego Designer to create objects in 3D. We will also use Roblox Studio to create 3D worlds similar to Minecraft.
Students willalso be reviewing internet safely rules. For example, a good rule of thumb when using email is to expect it will be read by a much larger audience than you may have intended. Once something is sent it remains on the Internet Service Providers computer.
Stay tuned for further technology updates!

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